Poor Temporary Athiests

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(Friday Church News Notes, January 6, 2012, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) – The following is by Pastor Buddy Smith, Malenda, Queensland, Australia, smiletex@bigpond.net.au --

“Christopher Hitchens, one of the most militant atheists of our generation, died recently. Another poor temporary atheist. Somebody needs to tell the modern crop of infidels that there are no atheists in the cemetery. Why? Because whichever viewpoint you hold eliminates atheists after they die.

Consider how a Christian views the death of an atheist. According to the Bible, atheists go to hell when they die to wait in torment for the judgment of the Great White Throne and the Lake of Fire. In hell the atheist knows that the God of the Bible is real and that he is accountable to him for his angry rejection of Christ. A man who knows that God has put him in hell for his sins is no longer an atheist. He may still hate God and rail against Him, but he can no longer deny the existence of God!

There are no atheists in Hell. Universalists, Unitarians, and muddle-headed modernists would like us to believe that atheists go to Heaven, like everybody else (they think), but there are no atheists in Heaven. No man comes to the Father but by Christ, so there are no atheists in Heaven.

Don’t believe the Bible? Well consider how the atheist views his own death, and you will still see that atheism is temporary. The atheist believes that there is no life after death. He believes he ceases to exist the moment he dies. So if he ceases to exist at death, then his atheism ceases the instant his conscious existence ceases. By his own admission, death makes him a non-existent atheist, and non-existent atheists are not atheists! It’s a fact that there are no atheists in eternity. And there are no atheists in the cemetery.

So where are the atheists? They are here on earth for a little while, angrily denying the existence of the compassionate God who gives them their every breath and every good thing that they enjoy every day of their lives, foolishly rejecting His gracious offer of eternal salvation. And then death comes knocking, and they cease to be atheists. Poor temporary atheists.

Voltaire, Robert Ingersoll, Christopher Hitchens, and a host of others called themselves atheists while they were alive, but the moment they died, they ceased being atheists.

We Christians should put markers on their graves that say, ‘No longer an atheist’.